September 27th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Maybe a romance with me wouldn't be the most awkward one ever.

Today's Bridge: For my first time at the Bridge table in what feels like forever, I didn't get much to work with. We declared a weak 3H, off one, a very weak 2S, off two, and a 4C off one, and that only because I tricked Dan into throwing his king of clubs under Brandy's ace. They made three contracts, at least one of which was underbid by a fair bit. Brandy threw away two winning clubs when he made his 2NT exactly.

Today's Work: They always find plenty for me to do while I'm away, but I have to wait until I get back to do it. I hate that.

So many videos posted today, and there was House. I still love the show, and they still manage to do new things with it. But I can't even play Rayman while it's on. Writing this entry was about it, and this is nothing. I hope I can watch what's left tonight.