September 13th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Almost back to normal

Today's Work: Never happened, sadly. I woke up early yet again, with all the symptoms I had three weeks ago when the whole being sick thing started. I slept in a few more hours before heading to the clinic. The doctor said it looks like my allergies have led to sinusitis, and prescribed a bunch of medicines, most of which I'll have to start taking at work unless I want to shift the schedule and take a dose six hours or so later than I should. It would be a lot less awkward if those medicines didn't include a nasal spray and one that's supposed to be taken with a full bottle of Gatorade.

Oh well. I finally turned away from Other M and God of War 3 to another game deserving of my attention... sort of: Final Fantasy 13. Funnily enough, I haven't heard anything about it recently, so I guess everyone else already beat it and moved on. I'd almost made it to the first point where you change main characters last time... yes, all of about two minutes of non-cutscene into the game. I'm finding that, much like Xenosaga, if you think of it more as a movie with occasional bits of interaction, it makes a lot more sense. This is not so much a game as a story. I've gotten far enough now to use the Paradigm system and the "Crystalis" board or whatever passes for leveling up in this game. Still no clue about accessory experience or how jobs level up yet, but it's early yet. Not that I'll have many more days with enough free time to play much, but at least I was getting somewhere. Now I'm in that awkward part of any Final Fantasy game where characters who are capable of fighting, and have special abilities built up and everything, but stand around watching the fights and twiddling their thumbs. It's even worse in this game, because HP and MP are automatically refilled for each battle, and Phoenix Downs don't work on the main character. And keeping up a sustained chain of attacks makes the enemies stagger. Wouldn't it be great if two or three more characters would pick up their damn weapons and hit them? Also, it makes more sense when I can choose WHICH characters are standing around doing nothing. Like Vanille. Pretty fast-moving story, though, so to speak. It's a good thing they add a new datalog entry every five minutes to summarize the last entry as well as what happened in the meantime, which is usually not much. It would be nice if they didn't "update" my inventory with "new" markers every time I get another potion. I know what potions do, thanks. They act like mega-potions in any normal Final Fantasy. And the message told me I got five of them. Now tell me when I get an item I've never heard of and shut up otherwise.