August 30th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

For now, I stand by my prediction regarding Sam & Max 305. They're advertising but not delivering...

Another mostly sleepless night... I must have fallen asleep, because I was dreaming when my alarm went off, but I'm pretty sure I was still awake at 2 having a violent coughing fit and hanging out in the bathroom just in case it got any worse. Since I was looking at another day of that sort of thing and zoning out in the afternoon from lack of sleep, I decided to stay home again, this time taking the normal leave I already scheduled. I may have to go in on Wednesday, which I really wanted to avoid, but if by some miracle I can get everything done tomorrow, I can avoid that.

Of course, since I was stuck at home an extra day, I had to be productive. I went across town to the bank and got lunch while I was there. Still need to finish the Naughty fries - melted cheese, onions, and 1000 Island dressing. It's a pretty good combination. Then I watched some MST3K and played some Rayman. I haven't forgotten how hard that game is, but it's really demoralizing. Also, I'm used to the PC version, which has a speed problem in DOSBox, and the Playstation version has little differences. Mainly stuff like powerups not appearing where I'm used to, and more music tracks. Also some God of War 3. Somehow, the boss fight where you get the Cestus seemed a lot easier in Chaos difficulty. Maybe it's because I know more about the game now, and knew which moves to use when there weren't enemy soldiers to grab and throw. I only died twice. Some of the normal fights are giving me much more trouble.

I don't know whether it's a refresh issue in Steam, or they actually haven't put up the game yet, but the finale of Sam & Max still isn't showing up in my list. Oh well. Not like I'd have much time to play it if it did show up now. Probably more God of War 3 and an early evening if I can manage it. And a nasal rinse to hopefully prevent a repeat of last night. Should have been doing it all along, but I forgot until last night that I had it.

Finally, for those following the drama from last night, there is no drama. Thank you for your patience.