August 28th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

It's weird for the room to be so cool when the A/C isn't running at the moment.

I took another sick day today, and it's a good thing. Not only was I able to be here to put the balance of the A/C installation on my credit card instead of having to sign a check in advance, but I was near my supply of tissues all day to catch the random showers of nose blood. I haven't missed the irony of this happening in the same week when I watched a Karin DVD. I also got to watch Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist, as well as another viewing of The Simpsons Movie, accompanied by a couple of levels of The Simpsons Game in co-op mode. I even managed to complete Goblin's Quest 3 for a test playthrough while I evaluated the possibility of doing an LP of it. I discovered a really nasty game-breaking glitch along the way, but that shouldn't be too hard to avoid in the future. Just don't use the ink brush on the cart twice. And I got to have the Aver's lunch that I probably won't get to do next week, because I'll be making up the past two days, assuming that I'm up to it. I don't think I'll have a choice even so. I do have all that work to do. I figure I'll stay up a bit until it's reasonable to take a late dose of my pain reliever before bed. The antibiotic is pretty easy to schedule twice a day, but once every six hours is a tall order, especially if I'm going to sleep a proper amount. Then again, I should probably turn in pretty soon. I'm just finishing some videos while I write this entry. The entire day seems to have been later than I'm used to, even for a weekend day. Which this wasn't, however much it may have felt like it was. I want to get to the bank tomorrow to deposit the $500 check I got from the insurance company. Could have done it today, but again, not up to going places aside from around the block for a quick pizza run.

I also got the postcard acknowledging my Dragon*Con membership in the mail today. I didn't think any such thing was coming, but it'll make things smoother when I get there.

My plan for the actual weekend includes recording some Lost in Time footage with the intention of doing an LP of it when I get back from the convention, possibly working ahead on a 30-day meme I can start posting when I get back from the convention, and maybe doing something relating to before the convention, although there doesn't seem to be much point in that. Also, medicine.
Moa: The King of Destruction

No, I mean we should go ask Eureka! She always has an idea!

Today's... pretty much everything: I didn't do it. Again, I decided to stay home to give the medicine one more day to improve my sinal health before venturing out for more than a quick round of fast food. I spent the time beating Lost in Time, a bit disturbed by just how much of it I'd forgotten (very little), and finishing the second season of 30 Rock. I'm pretty sure I have the third season somewhere in one of my stacks of unwatched DVDs, but I need to watch something else first. I just haven't decided what. I should finish the latest MST3K set, at least. Also, Eureka. Really need to watch Eureka.