August 25th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

I need to start doing the anime meme soon. Should be interesting as always.

Happy birthday to pimpfork tomorrow.

Today's Bridge: Success for my team. Ken made a slam try over my heart jump bid, but all I had to my name were seven hearts to the A-K-J and a couple of side suit queens. The missing ace of spades came out on the first trick, pulling my singleton, and I resisted the temptation to run a club finesse when I still had the ace of diamonds to lose, taking the safe route and sluffing my losers on the board's winners, giving up the ace of diamonds to make the contract. Not a particularly special play, but it was the only contract that anyone made all day. The other partnership bid into some unfortunate splits, like me opening 3C with six clubs and four diamonds. Their 3D contract wasn't going to happen, especially since they played Ken for the long diamonds. That's what happens when you bid a 4-4 trump fit of your own. They ended with a futile 6S, but made 4 pretty handily.

Today's Work: Our CM person, the one who was doing all of our CM when I started working here, had her retirement party today, although her actual retirement date isn't for another month or so. I'm glad it was this week, though, so I got to take part. I also wanted to make sure that she understood that the note I wrote in her card ("C 70 70") wasn't a reference to her age, but to the notation we used in the old PCR database to denote a problem that had been fixed and accepted by the customer. Her job has been done to our satisfaction and she's free to go, in other words. She got my meaning.

I think it's about time I consider doing the credits for my Toonstruck LP and putting it all together. There's one more brief scene I'd like to stick in, but it may not be worth it. Also, I still can't decide whether to put the credits over the bonus video, or put them at the end. I'm going to try the video and see how it looks, and whether the text would be too distracting.