August 23rd, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

It could be that I'm too lazy to do anything fun. Also, it's really hot.

Today's Bridge: We had exactly four, because Ken didn't show up until afternoon. We'll probably have people sitting out starting tomorrow. It was a pretty good day for the most part, but Paul decided to bid a grossly underpowered 5H to take Dan out of an obvious sacrifice for 5D. After losing 800 points on that hand, we were out of it.

The construction around here is getting out of hand. There's pretty much no route I can take to work that doesn't take at least one road that's closed or reduced to one lane so that I have to wait twenty minutes while a thousand cars go through in the other direction before they let five go through in mine. And mine was the one that backed onto the main road. INDOT... you are apparently a bunch of morons. Don't you think maybe you should save some work for the rest of the year? Maybe put more people on a couple of dozen jobs to get them done a bit faster and do the other fifty once those roads are open? IT'S TOO HOT TO WORK THIS MUCH! I'm pissed off enough that I'm going to go play some games instead of working tonight, although I still want to watch an episode of Karin. Maybe I should just do that.