August 16th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Now updating from a computer with Office

The saga is over, after about as much effort as I expected it to take. I made the call to 1-888-BESTBUY when I got home, and they transferred me to 1-800-GEEKSQUAD, who told me (as had twelpforce) that my computer was only supposed to come with a trial install of Office. Once I told them that was wrong, they did some research and agreed with me. They told me that the store should have given me an activation key, and that I just needed to bring my receipt in to pick it up. Naturally, nobody was manning the Geek Squad counter, so I went around to Customer Service. The rep there again told me that it was supposed to be a trial version, and I needed to buy a separate key. I told her no, she got the same story from a supervisor, and the manager finally stepped in and asked me to show him which laptop I'd bought. Finally, he agreed that I was supposed to get a key, which should have been in the box. He opened another laptop (in the back, where I couldn't see) and showed me the key from that one, so I went home and searched my box. No sign of the key. So I had to bring in the entire laptop and box, and to their credit, they just gave me the key from the laptop they'd opened and let me keep everything else (after inspecting my laptop inside and out, of course). He told me that the one they'd opened didn't even seem to have Office Starter installed, so there were problems. I told him my concern at the number of people, including the ones in his store, who had given me the wrong answer, and the likelihood that any lesser mortal might have been swayed by their lies and swindled into buying a key that they should already have owned. In this case, for this customer, everything finally worked out after I told several people who should have known better (or at least known that they didn't know) that they were wrong. And I still haven't entirely abandoned the conspiracy theory that there weren't keys in any of the boxes, and they're simply passing the blame to Dell while they try to make a profit on the keys they're not giving up unless savvy consumers complain. Meanwhile, I have a full install of the Office programs I want, which may be corrupt, as the installer warned me. It told me how to repair it if it is, but I forget.

Otherwise, I have no clue about any of this Linux stuff, and I spent the time running around town with this laptop instead of reviewing it. Guess I'd better get on that in what little time I still have.