August 13th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

I need to play some old games

The topics for the second half of the Linux course look like they're going to be considerably more difficult. I may have to look over the book carefully over the weekend. Fortunately, I remembered to bring it home with me, although I left my pen in the classroom. But it was a pretty good day aside from not really following the lesson. I was trying to save my game at the end of lunch and accidentally ran into a boss instead. And unlike most DQ9 bosses, this one didn't let me leave and prepare. Fortunately, the fight didn't take long, partly because I was overpowered for it. Doing things out of order, killing lots of enemies while trying to complete the quests, and having all of my characters in their main jobs makes things really easy in most cases.

It looks like Dragon*Con is a go from my end. I still have to coordinate with the people I'll be traveling with, and possibly preregister.