August 12th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

It's not easy to come up with bad Metroid jokes. Well, good bad Metroid jokes.

Today's Exam: I passed. I'd love to say I passed with flying colors, but at best, I passed with colors that rather half-heartedly flopped off the desk and managed to avoid hitting the floor immediately. I think I was just shy of 75%, but since the pass mark is 50%, that was plenty. The second half looks like it's going to be harder, but we haven't even gotten into the major topics yet. We spent the afternoon going over the various bits of Linux that weren't tested in the first half.

Today's Bridge: The test ended early enough (or I finished fast enough) to get to my building in time, but Dan was late. However, he was the acting manager for the day, so he decreed that lunch started when he arrived. And he started off big, raising Brandy's 1H opening bid to 6H. His hand wasn't particularly impressive for it - I believe he had S A-x-x H K-Q-J-10-x-x D Q-x-x C x, but they made it. I think they lucked out - Ken's queen of spades was a doubleton. After that, we made four partscores that added up to two games, giving us the edge for the rubber. Two of them were pretty easy, and the other two took some maneuvering to pull off. Ken and I each played one of each type of hand.

I'm planning to take a night off from working on the video to play more Sam & Max. I spent the entire evening last night working on a single effect that will last for maybe seven seconds in the final video, and it's not going to be perfect even so, but that's how I work.