August 3rd, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Today's testing started off with a bang. The magic smoke kind of bang. That sort of put a damper on many of our plans. We managed to get things set up anyway, and since the main plan was to let the system sit and not do anything with it, we had the opportunity to do plenty of that.

I took the opportunity today to change my strongest DQ9 character to a different class, which really put a crimp on my fighting ability. I suffered a few character deaths while fighting the enemies in my current area, so I spent some time fighting weaker enemies until she was strong enough to survive. She still can't really fight, but she's only half the level of most of the other characters, and I only need her to reach level 15 before I can go on the next quest. I'm mostly interested in the stat boosts for this class... they'll be very useful for the thief.