August 1st, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Remembering to set the alarm before going to bed is the most important part

Well, I made it. The flight out of Indianapolis was just LANDING when we were supposed to start boarding, which put us a bit behind, and we arrived in Charlotte as my outgoing flight was scheduled to start boarding. However, they waited, partly because NOBODY had seat assignments for the flight. Everyone had to check in, and then there was a lot of shuffling around the cabin as no pair of people were seated together and they all wanted to be. Also, one of the seats was assigned to two people. I guess they couldn't keep count of seats while they were generating the assignments. Of course, the last two people on were a couple, so I think they ended up moving an off-duty pilot into the cockpit to accommodate everyone. Whatever. Also, fuck flying in on Sunday. There, I said it. The I-95 traffic on Sunday evening can bite my ass. Actually, it pretty much did. Want to know the best part? It looks like, for once, the TSA didn't search my suitcase. Which is good, because for people who spend most of their jobs working with luggage, they can't pack for beans.

I finally returned to Spirit Tracks for a while. The desert puzzle can do most of the stuff I said in the above paragraph.