July 20th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

I'm in the mood to watch more Kannagi tonight. Wonder why.

Happy birthday to i_am_slrearth. You're the only "i" in my list, believe it or not.

Today's Bridge: It was a day for people not to do very well, I think. Mistakes all around, although I think most if not all of mine can be rationalized. I bid a hand or two with almost no power, but distribution that worked and a nice trump fit, and the opponents bid over me anyway. And got set, I think, although that was probably one of the hands where Mike gave up the winning trick. He wasn't playing well today, but neither was Paul, so it was up to which one of their mistakes cost the most. In the final hand, for example, the board had Q-10-x-x-x of trump over my K-J-x, so when Mike led a low one from that hand and Paul showed out, he should have played the ace, setting up a tenace over my jack and losing only one heart trick. Instead, he gave me the jack, guaranteeing that I'd also get the king. Then Paul underled his king of spades to give Mike the extra trick he needed to make up for it, with A-x showing on the board. That's just one example of the sort of day it was. As Ken likes to point out, these things are easy to see with someone pointing them out to you, or taking enough time to look at them yourself, but in the heat of the moment, they're easier to overlook. I know that feeling well.

Today's Work: I got my testing done, while the contractors were doing their work in the lab. I pointed out something that I hope turns out to help them.

I skipped most of Hell's Kitchen because I was guesting in a video, then we left the call up to talk about some of our favorite anime series. Fun times, I say. But you don't have to wonder about what we said, because tediousandbrief asked me about that very subject in another round of the five-question meme!

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bettybaker also tapped me to write some one-minute prompts, so let's try that.

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I expect that's why I don't get tagged very often.

Tagged people, if they bother to read this... krikketgirl, charmless, temaranight, samhatesyou, and jenthehen.