July 1st, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Almost caught up with Mark on the Harry Potter audiobooks

Today's Bridge: Bad fortune and bad play. I botched the first contract horribly - it probably wasn't makeable at 3NT, but I used my only hand entry on the first trick, so once I'd established three long clubs, I had no way to cash them. We didn't lose too many points, but we couldn't get ahead no matter what we did. I don't think... I wasn't keeping score.

Today's Work: I was surprised to meet TWO new members of the project team today. And that's really it, except that now they're once again saying that we may not make the change that they've been flip-flopping over for days now. At least, not the part I'd have to do. I'm also waiting for some results, but I should get to the lab tomorrow and do some things there, possibly including a test or two. It should be pretty empty as we approach the holiday.

I bought a bunch of games cheap on Steam yesterday, so I may play some of those tonight. Tough call... I've got the Toonstruck LP to work on, but I should be able to get plenty done over the weekend.