June 28th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

So many videos, I don't have time to do anything else tonight

The shipment finally arrived today. Now I've got plenty of manga to read! And since I'm too lazy to try doing my usual listing them from memory thing, I'll just go down the list and name them in the order I plan to read them: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure 14, Hayate the Combat Butler 15 (which they've been touting as the last book in the series, but 16 and 17 are up for preorder), Neon Genesis Evangelion: The Shinji Ikari Raising Project 4, Yakitate JaPan 22, Hoshin Engi 18, Muhyo & Roji's Bureau of Supernatural Investigation 16 and 17, King of Cards 9, Claymore 16, Momogumi Plus Senki 3, Kannazuki no Miko 2, Kekkaishi 21, Hero Tales 3, Itazura na Kiss 2, and Sexy Voice and Robo 1. Also Hayate the Combat Butler DVD 5. I didn't realize Sexy Voice and Robo would be so big. It's like a phone book for a small town! I guess that makes sense, given the premise.

Today's Bridge: Dan and I took on Mike and Kevin, and they got really unfortunate in a 5H when Kevin looked for a slam that clearly wasn't there. I only got to play the last two hands, both of them in 4C. The second one was makeable, and had a great shot at 5 without the 4-1 trump split. (I made it anyway when Mike underled his ace of diamonds, letting Dan's king cover my singleton.) Dan had some great hands as well, and the opponents never managed to put together a complete game. We ended up in a tie despite being set two tricks doubled vulnerable in the first of the 4C hands. Might have been a good sacrifice, though... I think the opponents had a great shot at 3S, and Dan certainly didn't call 4C over their 3H.

Work was the same as usual, although I may have trashed an idea a bit too vigorously when we were asked whether we could create drivers for two new hand controllers, one of which we'd be getting about two weeks before they wanted to test with it, and the other we'd be getting maybe a few days prior. And I'm not sure we'd even be the ones to get the prototypes. Those would probably sit at the remote lab where they'd be tested while we try to write drivers without hardware. I pointed out all of those problems and more in my reply, even though I'm not the expert on the subject. Still, when I don't completely tear an idea to shreds, management (the old management) tends to think I'm in favor of it. When I do, they just consider it a very good possibility. Current management, of course, are the people who used to be on my side, so that trend will hopefully change. Already, I've only had to say a few things about how difficult a task will be to get them to back down from it. This is why changing requirements for a complete system is a nightmare.