May 31st, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

I guess it's one way to get an almost four-day weekend

Well, I managed to accomplish a whole lot of nothing today. I've pretty much been watching Sir Ron go through Majora's Mask and playing DK64 all day, aside from a pizza run. It turns out that the one insurance bill that's due tomorrow is the one they won't let me pay online for some reason, and there's another one due on Thursday that they don't seem to have sent me a statement for. Hooray. But since I got sick while eating dinner (no idea why, precisely), I'm planning to stay home most of tomorrow, and I can stop by the office to make the payment in person on the way to work to do the things I have to get done before Wednesday.

At this point, I've read a lot of CLAMP series, and most of them have at least some humor in them. But I think Kobato may be the first one that's actually a comedy.