May 25th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

You're at full health! Eat all your heal capsules!

Today's Bridge: We only had four again, and today, it was Ken's turn to be my partner. And wouldn't you know it, we had a Roman Key-Card Blackwood hand. S A-x H A-x-x-x D A-K-Q-10 C A-K-x. I count 24 points, just a bit shy of a 3NT opening bid but plenty for 2C, and Ken responded with 2H, indicating anywhere from 8-13 points and five hearts. That gives us a superfit and enough points for slam, so I just jumped right to 4NT. He responded 5D, which promised the king of hearts, the only key card I was missing. I asked if he had the queen of trump with 5S, and he responded with a negative 6H, which I passed. The missing hearts split 3-1 and the Q-J were together, so there was no avoiding the trump loser, and that was that. They could have won the rubber with two games even so, but after making their first one, they bid up to 5D over our 4S (which was makeable thanks to a favorable 3-3 club split - Ken had two singleton red kings and I don't think we could set up a trick in either red suit, so we needed the seven spade tricks and either a club ruff in my hand or a long club), and I think they had a chance at the 5D, but they didn't make it. Dan lost the diamond finesse to Ken's singleton king, then tried to run hearts and gave me the ten. We gave them a shot by spending our A-K of spades in one trick, setting up the board's queen, but I guess Dan couldn't avoid a club loser as well.

Today's Work: I got my data, and it doesn't show anything specific. This problem is really baffling. I have a new angle of attack that I'll probably try tomorrow - we're going to have the meeting at work instead of here in town so we can keep a short agenda and spend the afternoon working on some of the problems that have arisen. So it's not just me, although I'm suspecting a firmware problem for the other stuff.

I haven't linked it here, and probably should at least link my stream in the nidoplays journal, but I had what I felt was a pretty successful stream of Lifeline this evening. It was all recorded for posterity, although I don't know how long it went after the stream cut out in the first part. Still, more successful than some streams. The plan is to stream every Tuesday night unless I'm out of town for whatever reason. Granted, that leaves several videos to watch tomorrow night, but more videos means more fun! Now for more of Mark Reads Harry Potter and then bed.

I read the first book of Flower in a Storm and Arata, and I'm pretty much done with Deadman Wonderland as well. All three of them are very weird, but mostly in a good way.