May 24th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

I should post a rant about Twilight if I ever find the time

Today's Bridge: Dan and I were partners, and we got fortunate with the cards for the first rubber, sweeping it with two 2S contracts (I made both exactly) and a 5C that I made with a guaranteed overtrick on the diamond lead. I was a bit weak to explore the slam and had a hard time raising Dan's 4C to game, but with the K-J in his spades and solid clubs, I decided to take the risk. The opponents came back in the second rubber, making a 4S Dbl with two overtricks only because Paul decided to use his 5 to pull Dan's 8 instead of using his ace, giving us a free trick. Granted, the defense was pretty much instrumental to my making one of those 2S contracts, including an early defensive ruff that made my decision to play for the queen of trump to fall instead of going for the finesse (which would have lost) easy. I was surprised that I made it even so.

I got invited to a surprise stream of Super Mario 64, which was fun. I'm enjoying being a part of a GIANT STREAM CALL and getting invited to streams. But my own will be tomorrow evening, unless something goes horribly wrong.

Almost surprisingly, I've been assigned to finish fixing the big problem from last week. I spent today setting up some debug prints while I took care of everything that needed to be wrapped up from last week, and I plan to spend most of tomorrow in the lab trying to figure out exactly what's wrong. Should be an adventure.