May 21st, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

The trip home was the best part of the trip

Everything on the trip back went so surprisingly smoothly that I thought it must be happening to someone else. I haven't had the guts to open my suitcase yet, though. The stream that usually takes place on Friday nights has been postponed until tomorrow, so I'll try to catch up with it in the evening. I want to test my own streaming capability, but that might also be best left for tomorrow, once I've had the time to unpack and verify bits of my setup, like the S-video cable quality when playing games other than Warrior Within. Also, I have hours of video to catch up on, and there's no way I'll get through it all tonight. Too much to do tomorrow to sleep in late.

I guess it sucked that it was raining as I drove home, but it didn't really fall hard until I was close to home.