May 13th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Hearing Sir Ron say "I'm a little boy!" over and over again is creepy.

Today's Bridge: The opponents rode over us early with a game contract, but we kept them from most of the rest of their contracts, to the tune of a hundred points at a time. Our only contract along the way was a 1NT, made exactly thanks to the joy of Paul leading a low diamond to Kevin's 7-5-4 on the opening trick. With the two red aces and five-long top clubs minus the ace, I didn't even need to touch the K-J-x-x that were all the spades we had worth mentioning. The final hand was the pivot point - I had S x-x H J-10-9-8-7-x-x D A-Q C x-x, and Kevin opened 1D to my right. All things considered, that made me feel even better about a 3H overcall. Kevin raised himself to 4D, and I let that go, but Ken raised to 4H. Kevin bid 4S after that, and we all let it go. I think Ken needed to bid 5H if he couldn't double, even though the contract was off two, and I think we lost a trick when Ken didn't take his king of spades early and lead me a club for a ruff. He had S K-10-x H A-K-x-x D J-x-x C A-x-x... I might have the distribution of the minors wrong. Still, we make 5H easily - the ace of spades is on the right side to set up the king, and the king of diamonds is marked for the finesse, so I only lose the ace of spades and a club. I can pull trump in two rounds and guarantee that I don't lose the queen.

Today's Work: Another day of putzing around in the lab and mostly complaining about the tools we have to work with. We did our testing, though, and we're still having problems with a stupid file that never works properly.

I got a couple of letters from people who want me to name ten things I like that begin with those letters. Let's see how that goes. jenthehen gave me a G.

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Also, animedude wants me to do P.

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At this point, I'm almost done watching videos. Almost. If anyone wants a letter to use for your own ten things you like, I can give you one.