May 9th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

A flyswatter should be a more universal punchline than it is.

Today, Curt suggested an alternate recording method that I hadn't considered - using a DVD recorder to record the video separately from the computer and rip the video off later. Best Buy has one that looks like everything I could need for $125. Curt offered to let me try the process with his recorder before I spend money on something that might not do what I need, so that'll be a good project for later in the week.

I sort of started a new Mother's Day tradition by sharing a game of Pangya with Mom. We played a new course that I've never seen before, and I didn't trust my timing enough to take some of the risky shortcuts. In the end, my slight victory was due to one stray tee shot happening to stray into the hole. I suppose the obvious conclusion is that I've still got it, or enough of it to get by in season 4. I don't think I managed to Pangya a Tomahawk, but they still work well enough as long as I'm not aiming for too small a target. Nor did I miss a single putt. This is promising enough that I may continue to play throughout the year and not make an annual tradition out of it at all. To do: Come up with a new gift idea for next Mother's Day, in case this isn't special anymore.

I should get in the habit of doing interesting things so I have something to write about. I guess the best I've got is that I saw a commercial for a Karate Kid remake with Jackie Chan as the master and a much younger kid. They're not retelling the same story, I have to assume, but I can't imagine it would be something completely different.
Moa: The King of Destruction

For a good time...

Do a YouTube search for "Songsmith" and pick a song you know well. My favorites so far are "We Will Rock You" (the salsa version) and "Wild Wild West" (the bluegrass version).