May 3rd, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

I've lost count of how many times I've had to stare at Shahdee's butt

Today's Bridge: I forgot most of what happened immediately afterward. That's strange, because it was an amazingly good day. Right on the heels of the grand slam at the end of Friday, we started with a small slam in diamonds. This time, I bid it and Ken declared. He'd opened with 1C when I had S A-x-x-x-x H A-x-x D K-J-x-x-x or something close to it. It was about the worst bid to respond to, but I think I went with 1S. I didn't think I was strong enough to bid 2S, especially with the inevitable notrump contract. But he came back at 3D, and my hand suddenly looked amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of any way to convey that without ending up mising the slam, so I just bid 4NT for standard Blackwood, and when Ken had both of the missing aces, I felt we were good for the slam. I think he let the first spade go by, then swept the rest of the tricks handily. I later ended the rubber with a 2NT opener raised to 3NT, scoring an overtrick when Paul led a spade around to my king. The 5-0 diamond split didn't hurt with as many top tricks as we had. We started the next rubber with 3S, which was rather awkward because we had eight diamonds and only seven spades, but it was our day for trump splits, facing two 3-3 splits, including that hand. In the final hand, Paul saved me from a doomed 4S by going to 5D, and missed it by one. We had a second trick when I led my queen of clubs and pulled Ken's jack, but I wanted to cash that sure setting trick before exiting.

Today's Work: Things seem lined up for that training I need to take, one course in June and one in August. Shame the online training I needed to take didn't work as well... it refused to accept my completion until someone pointed out an alternate way to access it. Hooray website programming. I've been reading a lot about that on The Daily WTF, and it's always funny until it happens to you.

I finally got a good recording of Warrior Within, although it was just a test recording - I'll have to do it again with commentary for the LP. I also read through the database of alien races in The Space Bar, just to get a sense of what information is there if I ever do an LP of that game, which I'm sure I will.

I found it strange that they announced a severe storm warning for most of Central Indiana even though the sky was clear most of the afternoon. It was only near the end of the warning period when it rained at all, and here, it was just a brief burst. Yet another day of rain once I'm already home. Speaking of which, one of the neighbors was parked so far into my space that I had to park in theirs. Once they'd parked across two spaces belonging to a different neighbor instead, I moved my car to its rightful place. I hate juggling spaces like that, but it all worked out. Guess I'll just watch an episode of MST3K and get to bed - I woke up early this morning and spent the whole day feeling really tired. Maybe I should start drinking a can of Mtn Dew every morning to see if it'll wake me up.