April 25th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

I also get a free book in a few weeks.

Today's Manga: Spiral 11, Kimikiss 4, Gentlemen's Alliance Cross 11, Yotsuba & 8, Gunsmith Cats Burst 5, Negima Neo 5, Gestalt 6, Portrait of M&N 1 (by the author of Gakuen Alice... why not?), and Songs to Make You Smile (by the author of Fruits Basket... I'm only interested because of the Tsubasa side story).

I also bought an S-video cable, but sadly, it's not suitable for recording from. The good news is that I can hook it up to my other TV and play the game from that while still watching the recording on my computer screen, which will also help when I start streaming Lifeline so I can watch the chat. I got done everything else I needed to, so I'm going to play some Warrior Within and see how a live recording goes.