April 23rd, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Unobtainium? I know they weren't serious when they came up with that name.

Today's Movie: Avatar, which arrived yesterday, but I didn't feel like watching it then. Didn't really feel like watching it today either, but I figured I probably should. Everyone's been talking it up since before it came out, and you know what effect that has on my opinions. Well, I tried even harder than usual to avoid prejudice, but that opening monologue made that really hard. It was basically "blah blah blah look at how pretentious I am and be ready for some incredible special effects that I know make for a better movie than making a decent movie." The whole opening scene was heavy-handed and ham-fisted and every other hyphenated way I can think of to say I didn't like it and it added nothing to the movie beyond being an elaborate way to explain something that could have been done any number of other ways in a tiny fraction of the time and allowed even more precious screen real estate to floating seed pods and retracting plants on flying islands. Seriously, nobody ever mentions that again after the plot's actually going. Also, how is it that they have all this 22nd century technology like cold sleep starships and warmechs and avatars, but they haven't invented a better way to start a fire than matches? The movie did a great job of making the audience feel sorry for the seven-foot Smurfs, and basically selling a version of Predator or Starship Troopers where humans are the bad guys. Yeah, everyone says it's more Dances With Wolves or Ferngully, but what movie DOESN'T try to sell environmentalist pacifist crap these days? I think I even remember a movie or TV show where a kid in a wheelchair was in a virtual world and loved being able to use his legs so much that he wanted to stay there. And I mean something other than The Powerpuff Girls. There was a lot of good stuff in the movie, but as someone who hates looking at obviously fake CGI backgrounds, I'm only talking about the story, and that was frontloaded with garbage before it got anywhere interesting.

We also watched Red Dwarf: Back to Earth, which wasn't as disappointing as I'd been led to believe. It wasn't the most brilliant thing ever, but it had lots of great references to the show and at least had an original take on the story, even if the story itself wasn't original. And there was planty of comedy.

I need to pack up early, so I probably won't even read my webcomics for today. The laptop has to go first. I've also got to move everything from the suitcase that was damaged during the trip to a new suitcase that I bought, which hopefully won't also be damaged. We've got my new manga taped up solid as a brick, so I'm hoping they won't even get damaged at the corners. Haven't decided whether to wear the raincoat or pack it, though... I'll probably pack it last and take it out of the suitcase if it's actually raining tomorrow morning. And that's it! I'll post again tomorrow night from home.