April 9th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

1.9.9 is about as high as you can get before you have to release version 2.0

Today's Bridge: Let me give you guys a rundown of who I've been partnered with recently, in case I haven't been mentioning it or you've forgotten or just not paid attention:

Monday: Keith, although I got pissed off at something Dan said and left the table halfway through, not to return
Tuesday: Keith
Wednesday: Keith
Thursday: Apollo Justice
Friday: Keith

And we had two tables most of those days, so there were seven people for me to be partnered with. Now, don't get me wrong - I'm grateful for the chance to play at all, and I know Keith tries his best. Also, we didn't get many good hands this week, and when we DO get something we can use, the defensive splits tend to yield a lot of crossruffing. Except today, when I faced a 4-0 trump split and mismanaged my spade finesse, giving up three club tricks when I could have saved two of them. It's just a giant cosmic joke, isn't it? Collapse )

Today's Work: Mostly E-mail correspondence and a run to the lab to verify something, which I did just by asking someone. I tested it anyway just to make sure we were right. The good news is that, while we still don't know when the upcoming trip will be, we know when it won't be, and that includes all of April. So I requested my vacation time for the trip home, and I'll be making the arrangements tomorrow through AAA, or at least attempting to. I'll make them somehow. I figure AAA is the best place to start.

The computer continues to have issues, so I went online and got a link to an updated driver. The crashes I saw weren't listed in the issues fixed by the driver update, but at the very least, it's an updated driver, and people have said it fixes similar problems, so it's got a chance. I'll hit it hard with more video work and see how it stands up. I also did a disk cleanup and freed about 6 GB, which is also what the laptop is claiming, although whether that actually happens remains to be seen. It sure is taking its time to compress old files, so I'm going to close all my other programs and let it do its thing overnight. Back to the video until then! Also, I downloaded a new version of VDub last night, and suddenly, there's another new version today. Neat.