March 18th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

The weather's great, but my sinuses aren't happy yet

Today's Bridge: I managed to get a seat at the table again, and it was a pretty bad day to be on the opposition. They had most of the power, but the splits were against them in the few instances when they didn't bid themselves up a bit too high. I had a proud moment when I ruffed using the ace of trump so that I could lead through declarer's void to my partner's, promoting his queen of trump for an extra trick. But Ken reminded me that I was remiss in not mentioning that, yesterday, in the 1NT contract, he covered his partner's winning heart so he could cash his two long ones, and I found that an impressive play. I don't think my side declared one contract today, but the opponents only made one 4D contract with an overtrick, and Paul would have been hard-pressed to raise... plus a heart lead from me would have given Kevin a ruff. I had all five of the hearts they didn't, including the king. Enough for two guaranteed tricks at least, I think.

Today's Work: I was going to test the stuff I've been working on this week, but one of the guys working on a different part of the project was in the lab, so we put our work on that part together and tested that instead. After a few tweaks, the controls seem to work perfectly, but the status will take some work. Step one: He's got to give me the updated header for that message. It should be in the repository by tomorrow morning, but it wasn't there when I checked it before leaving. Once I get that, I can write the header for the other transport and disseminate it.

And so, for better or worse, I devoted tonight to playing God of War 3 instead of working on my LP. I've got plenty of weekend left, although I'm not letting the weekend end without getting my taxes done, and God of War 3 is more fun than most of what I have planned for the LP anyway.