March 16th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

My day went as planned, given that I changed my plans to fit reality

Since I had to go out to buy big fans to air out the house, I stopped at Best Buy while I was out there. Not only did they have my copy of God of War 3, but they also had Final Fantasy 13 and Heavy Rain, naturally for PS3 all around. God of War 3 is quite a spectacle, but they really don't have many save points in this one. There was always a place to save nearby in the previous games, particularly right before bosses, but in this one, I kept having to figure out how to beat the bosses with sheer persistence just because I would lose so much progress if I gave up. They've got some great new game mechanics, though. As for the other two, I'm definitely not used to the battle system in FF13 yet, but so far, I don't like it. It seems like I always have to hit X one more time than I think I should, so my character doesn't bother to do anything until I press it again. Then I forget to watch my HP meter. I'm not used to random enemies early in Final Fantasy games doing enough damage to be dangerous. Heavy Rain is pretty unusual - pretty much exactly what I've been hearing from other people who have played it, right down to the tiny everyday tasks feeling really significant. I get way too drawn into the story, and then real life starts to seem less real. Also, I had windows open and fans on all day, with no heat, so it was getting pretty cold. I sorted some tax papers and went through my financial records for the year to note all of my out-of-state purchases.

All of which means that I took the day off work, of course. I think I deserved it.