March 10th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Hurry up and figure out the controls so you can beat the level!

Happy birthday to kawanee, who I think still reads this, and patches365, who I think doesn't.

Today's Bridge: Again, we had to round up people, but we played. Paul and I were just outmatched, as usual... not much playable material to be had.

Today's Work: The meetings went pretty well... some arguments as usual, but that's because people felt that now, during the design phase, was the best time to bring up some things we established long ago during requirements. Then my computer monitor went washed out, like the red cable of an RGB cable came loose, but it's a standard VGA cable. When I went into the menu to check the color settings, it was in Spanish, but I couldn't tell at first, because some of the options were in English and there were lines of Japanese in some screens. Plus, the titles didn't reflect what was actually in any of the menus, even in Spanish. Navigating by the pictures, I finally managed to get it into English mode, and it was still wrong. I think it's very messed up. I may have to call it in if it doesn't go back to normal shortly.

I still have no idea what's going on in Lair. I basically have to fail each mission just so I can see what caused me to lose, then do something different next time. However, Wells Fargo customer service was great. They just needed me to confirm some information so they could keep my accounts open for another few years, and when I mentioned that I was thinking of closing the accounts because there's no Wells Fargo in Bloomington, he told me that they'll be acquiring Wachovia soon, so those locations will be able to service my account. He also pointed me to an online form I can use to close my accounts if I still want to do that, and I probably will. But they've been good people. The other bank with an old account probably just kept the money. I didn't have much in that account, and I remember using most of that in an emergency once.

I don't understand this letter from the Census Bureau. They sent us a letter to tell us that they'll be sending us a form. Does this make sense to anyone? Wouldn't it make more sense for them just to put the form in that same envelope and send it to us? What's the purpose of sending us a letter to tell us they'll be sending us a form in the same way?