March 9th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

I could get a nice windfall that I've been ignoring recently

Today's Bridge: Mike was the only other person who showed up on time, but he rounded up Paul and Raymond for a quick pair of rubbers. I think it was all over in six hands - they made two games, then they won a best of three around a three-trick set - Paul bid spades three times when I had Q-10-9-x-x in the suit, and I could neither double nor respond to the one bid that Raymond managed to make in the auction. The only hand we got to play was a 3NT, which I didn't think I could make, but as usual, persistence paid off. I had S K-Q-J-x H A-10-x-x D A-x-x C x-x, the distribution that Ken hates. (He likes to treat all 1D openers as four-card suits, as Raymond did in this case, but this is the single distribution where I open 1D with only three of them.) Raymond's hand was S x-x-x H Q-J D J-x-x-x C A-Q-J-x. Attacking our diamonds would really hurt us, but Mike led a club, and the finesse worked. So I crossed to my king of spades and led the queen, pulling Mike's ace. He returned a third spade, so I took it and decided to hold onto the last one, since I had an entry to my hand and wanted to leave the board's holdings alone. So I ran a second club finesse, which lost to Paul's king, and he led a heart. I let that go, and Mike took it with the king. I believe he led another club then, so I took the ace, cashed the queen of hearts, crossed to my ace of diamonds, and cashed the two top hearts and the last spade to make the contract exactly.

Today's Work: Lots of frustration, but it seems that nobody has responded to my venting... one person has thanked me for the explanation, and the others just haven't said anything yet. I guess I'll be seeing how that plays out tomorrow.

I got a call from the Wells Fargo unclaimed property office today, probably regarding the account I never got around to closing. I'll try to call them back tomorrow, if I have time. Lots of meetings. I also tried the Great Value brand frozen chicken with broccoli. Much better than the cordon bleu version, I think, which is good, because it was the only variety they had this week. I could make that a regular dinner.