March 2nd, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Vote or die time, except you won't really die if you don't vote. You'll just be dead to me.

Today's Bridge: Kevin and I had our free aces, but only Ken and Dan showed up to fill the table... they teamed up against us, and we just didn't have what it took. The first hand went well enough, when I went all the way up to 5C with minimal support from my partner, and a fit in spades as well. I felt that clubs was the better bet because we had nine of those, but we were way out of our league... I had S A-x-x H A-J-x D x-x C Q-10-9-8-x, which really wasn't much to bid that high with, and Kevin had S Q-J-x-x-x H 10-x D Q-10 C A-J-x-x. It's pretty hopeless, but I won Dan's spade lead with the queen, then didn't want to risk using one of my aces as an entry, particularly the ace of spades, so I just led a low club to my eight, and Dan covered with the king and led a heart. Ken threw the king, and I considered ducking, but then they'd definitely take the diamonds, so I took the ace and pulled another round of clubs, to which Dan showed out. Rats... should have run the ace. But I had to try to set up the spades, so I led the ace, and Dan threw that king as well, making the rest pretty simple. I pulled the last outstanding club, threw my two diamonds on the long spades, and gave up the queen of hearts to make the contract. And that was pretty much our best hand. We had 4S in the next one, but vulnerable, I left it at 3 (Kevin had opened weak, and I wasn't very strong). The opponents eventually came back with a game to finish the rubber, and we had no recourse.

Today's Work: General programming stuff... and finally getting my proxy set up to get to our repository. I hate having proxy problems.

So, as I said last night, I have a Twitter account now. Nobody reads it. The thing is, several people have their Twitter posts reposted on their Livejournals via Loudtwitter or other mechanisms. Does anyone want me to do that as well? I don't know how much I'll use Twitter, particularly once the novelty wears off, but I know some people might find it interesting to see what I have to say throughout the day, while others might be annoyed. So who's in which camp?

Poll #1533032 Loud Twitter?

Do you think I should use Loudtwitter to post my Twitter stuff here every night?

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No, please don't!
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