February 24th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

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Speaking of people who may or may not still be around, is enigmaticmagus still around? Well, if he is, happy birthday to him. If not... it's still his birthday.

Today's Bridge: The most we managed was a 4D that I really wanted to raise to game, but even with a spade void, I didn't know whether we had the power for it, and we didn't. The opponents bid and made a slam, and it was a great job for both of them - Kevin jumped on his SECOND response to indicate his impressive spade holding, Ken went ahead and explored slam, stopping short of grand slam despite the appearance of having all four kings (Kevin was bidding a singleton diamond as a control for Blackwood, and I had four spades to the king, guaranteeing me a trick), and Kevin pulled off the contract. There wasn't anything Paul and I could do against that.

Today's Work: It started with the above paragraph... I wasn't sick like I usually am when I decide to stay home, but I didn't think I'd last the whole commute in the snow, so I stayed home for the first few hours of the day, hoping to get the information I needed to call in to the meeting. Unfortunately, the E-mail didn't arrive until early afternoon, and by then, the snow had started to melt and I'd decided to head in late. I left a bit earlier than I'd planned as well, since I already had leave approved for the day, and I'd finished what I needed to get done. Also, it was snowing again and I figured the commute would be slow. It wasn't, but getting home early is never a bad thing. And it wasn't really earlier than most. At least I'm well on my way to using up my quota of leave this year.

Even though I've got my LP journal for it, I have to cross-plug the video I made last night. Go check it out. It's only a minute and a half long, and the description should set it up as well as it needs setting up. The joke is that it's game footage, but all the sounds are from another game. And if you don't like it, it's only a minute and a half you've wasted watching it. Then you can go watch the hours of gameplay footage I have of the game the sounds are from, and you'll understand what's so funny about it.