February 15th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Snowed in, and for once, nobody cares

It wasn't THAT bad a snowfall, but we had to dig ourselves out this morning to make it to the dealership - I still needed that oil change, and we needed to buy food as well. I really should learn never to leave these things until the day they're most conveniently done. It worked anyway... although I feel bad for suggesting Cracker Barrel, because Curt had to dirve us all the way across town, and then we just came all the way back to Kroger for shopping anyway. I forgot to look for something to label my cables, but I have food. And the one day when the weather actually WAS as bad as predicted, it was a holiday, so the base was closed anyway. No admin leave for anyone. Once I got the car home, I went back out only long enough to dig the snow out of my space so I could pull the car in properly. Not that it will be easy to get out tomorrow, but once I do, the commute should be pretty smooth... they'll have had all night to get this stuff cleaned up. I've got stuff to do tomorrow, and I'm pretty sure it's happening at work.

More Left 4 Dead 2 tonight... I'm still pretty terrible, but I had a few shining moments. There was an occasion when I didn't shoot someone on my own team - wait, I'm thinking of something else. Still, I find aiming at my teammates to be the best way to avoid hitting them. I'm pretty sure that's not good. Also, I can't switch items. Any attempt to do so will result in everyone dying immediately. This is indisputable. Pills in my hand, everyone dies. And God help us all if I ever try to use Boomer bile. A Charger knocked two guys into the water at once when I tried that - instant death. Maybe it's a coincidence every time... but can I really afford to take that chance?

I finished the second area in Mask of Eternity and posted my entire backlog of videos, anyway. Hopefully, that will stave off anyone complaining about how long it takes me to solve some of those puzzles... at least some of which I never actually solved, but they got done anyway.