January 28th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Isn't the last day always the best time for a Cuban?

It was a pretty eventful meeting, since a part of the system that many of us had considered pretty much plug-and-play looks like it will take a lot more work than we thought. We also got enough done that our design is looking pretty good even though we've barely started. Good thing, too... we've got a pretty tight deadline on this one. Then we all went to the Capital Ale House downtown for dinner. I got a Cuban sandwich, because that seemed like the least likely thing on the menu to screw with my digestion in the morning. Pretty good. Shame we didn't go earlier in the week, when I might have felt up to ordering something more adventurous.

Somehow, I always keep just missing the light at the hotel and having to wait five minutes before I get another opening. It's uncanny. Well, no more waiting for a while... I don't think there are any trips in my future for the next few months. Too much work to waste days on travel.
Moa: The King of Destruction

I knew I was forgetting something

I checked Amazon this morning to price out how The Shield compares to getting the seasons available at B&N through their buy 2, get 1 free sale. Amazingly, it's cheaper to buy the complete series set for $107 than I think it could possibly be to buy the remaining six seasons separately. The only problem is that many people complained about the packaging causing the discs to get scratched until the manufacturer made some improvements, so there's a chance I might get a first-run copy and have to get a replacement. It probably won't happen. Still, I intend to wait until I get home before ordering it. That just makes the most sense to me.

And I've still got two more first seasons to watch just among the Christmas gifts from this year, not even counting the anime. The Shield is just so totally different from anything I've ever wanted to watch, and it's amazing. I'll have an extra copy of the first season once I get the complete set, but I hate getting rid of gifts. This will take some thought.