January 26th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Business as usual like nobody's business

Pretty typical day at the lab. I arrived to find one of the techs working on the radar simulator, which had apparently been working fine until late yesterday. We needed that for today's test, but after a while, we just set up an actual radar and had that simulate itself. The result I predicted came to pass, although I admit that I'd hoped we'd do a bit better than we did. The leads came back in the afternoon, and we got to chat a bit before we all went home. And that's all I'll have to go to base for. The rest of the week will be design meetings here in town. Yay!

And the heater seems to work fine when I set it to take in air from outside. I knew there was an obvious solution.

I don't hate my rental car. That's unusual. I even appreciate the XM radio, although I probably won't listen to it much.