January 7th, 2010

Moa: The King of Destruction

Not speaking of watching anime at all, although I really should...

Happy birthday to rhi_chan, if she's still around.

I'm REALLY glad I didn't have to go all the way to work today. I barely made it downtown. If they haven't cleaned up this snow by tomorrow, I may have to stay home and try to get the info for the phonecon so I can just call in from home. I'll even foot the bill if I have to, AND claim any time less than 8 hours spent on the phone as leave. Just to avoid more driving in that stuff. The steering wheel is a device for controlling the car, not, as the car seems to believe, a suggestion to be ignored freely. Also, brakes should stop the car when applied. I understand that this takes some time in conditions of precipitation, as well as when the car is moving at high speed. This should not include 10 miles per hour, even on the shallowest of downhill grades. That is all.

On the upside, we had a good day, including a ton of productivity, $2 egg sandwiches at the Scholar's Inn Bakehouse, and no management. Then I came home and beat Braid while I was supposed to be doing a second take of the King's Quest 7 bonus video commentary. The first take wasn't completely awful, but I never knew what was coming and took too long to get to my "this is taking a long time" joke in parts. And then I was paying too much attention to the screen and missing words in the book I was reading, which didn't help matters. Still, Braid. I'm pretty sure I have no idea what that was about. Great game, though. I want to play it again, but part of me doesn't want to have to reset all of my data to do it. Also, I want to look up whether there was anything to that epilogue. It seems like it. Don't tell me. I'd do it again just to check, but I don't want to have to replay that final level just to get there. It was fun, but difficult. I also beat the first Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, but there's a lot more to do that I haven't found yet. But that's for another night. I've got an early morning tomorrow, because if I do end up going to work, which I probably will unless the unrecognizable cut of chicken in my dinner makes me sick, I'll have some digging to do, and the commute will probably be slow despite the roads which will be completely free of snow and well-traveled and not at all treacherous.

Seriously, if it's like this again tomorrow, I'm not even going to Taco Bell.

Oh, and the Sudoku calendar page for today was the first Sum Sudoku (instead of supplying any numbers, the puzzle shows the sums of groups of numbers, and you have to fill in the entire grid from that), and it was marked as Hard. Way to start with an easy puzzle of a new type, calendar. I solved it, though, with my usual show of logical aplomb and cunning. Take THAT, Sum Sudoku.