January 6th, 2010


I really thought I'd watched more anime than that.

Happy birthday to jesse_dylan, as promised.

Today's Bridge: Ken and I were partners again, and again, he seemed to fear that he'd make a mistake, but from what I saw (having declared about half of the hands), the only mistake he made was failing to correct a 3H contract to 3S when I'd bid spades first and his holdings were A-x-x of spades and J-x-x of hearts. However, it worked out for the best, because my heart honors were much better, and I think the hearts were a better trump suit. There was a hand where we ended in 4H after Ken had opened 3C... he had six clubs to the A-K-10 and I had the doubleton Q-J, so I felt comfortable bidding my five-card heart suit with only around 13 points. He happened to have four-card support for me and raised to game, and the opponents failed to take their two diamond tricks before I could set up the clubs. Ken had a singleton spade opposite my four to the ace, and I ruffed to the board to cash the clubs and take all 13 tricks. We pretty much dominated the rubber otherwise as well... the opponents got 80 in two hands before our first game. Dan eventually got stuck in a 3D contract with four losers, but we set up a heart ruff that finished their chances.

Today's Work: For me, invention is pretty much 99% inspiration and 6% forgetting completely about what I'm doing while I wait for inspiration. I know that's 105%, but that's how hard I work at what I do. I'm awesome. And there's a winter storm warning tomorrow for the areas south of the city, through which I need to drive to get to work. Fortunately, I don't have to go there tomorrow. I've got a meeting here in town. Waffo!

I think I've got enough time left to work on a meme that sugarspicykitty posted quite a while ago, purporting to describe how much of an obsessive anime viewer I am. I think we all know what the result will be, but to add a bit of interest, I'm going to change things up just a bit by adding my own directions. Also, since I read so much manga, it'll look more impressive if I mark down which series I've read, but haven't watched. I'll still stick to just anime that I've watched for the totals, because to do anything else would be cheating. If you want to know how my reading habits stack up, count for yourself, slackers. In addition, I'm going to try to pick at least one series that I've watched and one that I've read from each genre, but again, owing to the significantly higher number of series that I've read than watched, I reserve the right to name two series that I've read instead. This is a condition I'm putting on myself, so it can be whatever I want.

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