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December 30th, 2008

That's all, people

Vacation is officially over, more or less. There's still one more night here, packing the car in the morning, the possibility of leftover chicken lo mein for breakfast, and the drive back before things start to settle back into a routine, and another round of unpacking before things are back to normal for real. But I'm pretty sure I've got everything I brought with me, everything I've received or been told I can keep (and actually want... Mom's generosity sometimes exceeds even my greed), and any other miscellaneous items and non-items that should be accompanying me back home. I copied my Heavenly Sword file from Mom's PS3 to my hard drive and erased my profile, along with Curt's, from the system; retrieved my Wii and 360, with no discs in the drives, and bubble-wrapped them; made sure my DVDs and PS2 memory cards are all accounted for; checked the floor of my room thoroughly for stray items; used my nasal rinse bottle (it's still dripping fluid ad odd times, like when I tilted my head to look under the bed); eaten a dinner consisting mainly of things that shouldn't cause digestive problems tomorrow, if such foods exist; and consolidated all of my purchased items into as few bags as possible. I may even pack the laptop before bed and take care of my backpack (the laptop goes in there along with a full change of clothes and my magazines... the essentials for overnight stays that aren't essential for in the car) tonight, so that the only things left to pack tomorrow are my suitcase (one more set of dirty clothes to shove in the bag in the morning before I use that to pad the consoles) and the nasal spray bottle (I'm letting it dry overnight), along with my pocket items. I doubt I'll want to take the time in the morning to check any webpages or post an entry, even a dream entry, and you guys all know the drill - I'll be on the road in the morning (Curt will probably take first shift behind the wheel, because I really hate having to drive all the way to the Pennsylvania Turnpike with only one rest stop, which is so early on that it hardly makes sense to use it, so I try to keep my mind off the trip and hibernate as best I can to make the distance) and will either post from a hotel room if we have to stop for the night (by phone if I have to) or from home if we make it there (by phone again if I'm too tired to get the laptop hooked up and configured for the local network, although I don't think that's ever been a problem before). Curt says the weather forecast looks good, and I'd say we've had our fair share of trouble for this vacation, so my optimism isn't as cautious as it probably should be. As I'm sure it's said, we'll see what happens when it happens. And I have a PSP now, but probably won't use it much during the trip - we didn't get halfway through Deathly Hallows on the way here, making a conscious decision to make it last as long as possible, so we'll probably listen to it more often on the way back.

Hope everyone out there had at least as much fun as I had this holiday season, not that it's quite over yet - my work status on Friday is still TBD, depending on whether I feel like a one-day work week come Friday morning, and there will probably be a lot of celebrating around midnight tomorrow, but Curt and I will probably be trying to sleep through it as usual. We've probably got a desk to disassemble and move this weekend.

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