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December 26th, 2008

I can still smell the sake

The annual Boxing Day went pretty well, although I forgot to bring my list... it didn't matter much, because we didn't go to Borders, we don't shop at Suncoast anymore, and Best Buy didn't have any anime that I can't get back home... eventually, if not sooner. So all I got was Shugo Chara 5, which I knew I didn't already have. Pretty sure there was nothing else even questionable at Borders Express. I also got God of War: Chains of Olympus, season 2 of How I Met Your Mother (no sign of 1...), and a carrying case with car adapter, earbuds, and a protective plastic case for my PSP at Best Buy, the Dilbert calendar as my regular stocking stuffer calendar, and because I refused to pay for it, I got The Thing for the PS2 at Gamestop along with the Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition for the Gamecube and N+ for the PSP. Having seen the Spoony review, I've been curious about The Thing, and now that I know there's a PS2 version, I have to try it. The guy at the store said he liked it, and the manual makes it sound a bit more interesting than Spoony made it out to be, but then, if he did a rant with a positive spin, it wouldn't be much of a rant. Seems there are mixed feelings about it.

We had dinner at the hibachi at Ginza Steak... great food and a good show, although several members of our party suspected that the chef may have been a bit tipsy. He squirted sake in our mouths from a distance, but I really didn't want to swallow more than I had to. No ill effects from what I did get, but the counter got very, very wet (my napkin was soaked through, and nobody offered me a new one), and I didn't care much for the taste. It was okay, but nothing I'd ask for by name, and the aftertaste is kind of like shoe leather. Every time I have a brush with alcohol, it makes me wonder even more how everyone else can stand the stuff.

I watched bits and pieces of Wanted while bouncing back and forth between the living room and watching Brian play God of War... it looked good, but probably a bit of a disappointing ending. Should be no surprise, really. Then we watched Wall-E, and I caught almost all of it. Much better and less propagandized than I was led to believe. Sure, I caught it at the beginning, but if it hadn't been on my mind from other people mentioning it, I wouldn't have noticed it later. And the adventure aspects were pretty good, although I suspect something is wrong with the entire civilization if robots can spontaneously develop THAT much of a personality. Then again, toys don't move when our backs are turned and cars don't talk period. If I wanted true suspension of disbelief, I'd turn to nonfiction. *shudder*

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