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December 21st, 2008

Happy birthday to anime_grl_2286, if she still reads this.

We did the food shopping today, and otherwise called it a good day to sit at home. I showed Mom a few of my PS3 games, and gave her a chance to play them, but she's not good with the action-oriented gameplay. The physics of Prince of Persia eluded her completely, and I don't blame her... the wall-jumping is a complete mess. Also, my profile can't be transferred from one system to another, so I can't save my game properly. Heavenly Sword worked just fine, but I didn't try Folklore... not sure I should, since my saved file includes some downloaded content. Maybe it's best if I just forget about that and stick with Heavenly Sword... now that I beat Whiptail at last. Now I just have to beat her again, but without health pots, and with tougher attack patterns. Joy. I believe Brian goes back tomorrow for his game systems, and I'll have the PS2 and 360 available during the day. Hooray God of War 2 and Ar Tonelico.

I also loaded up My Japanese Coach again, considering that (oddly enough) the easiest game to play without sound, as I KNOW how the words are pronounced... I just need to learn how they write the kana (and many of them are different from the way I learned, which is incredibly distracting) and get enough points to unlock each lesson. They're teaching very little that I didn't already know, and having to match the definitions they use (sumimasen is "Excuse me" and gomen is "Sorry"... makes sense, but I've always considered them largely interchangeable) is a pain. I'm finally up to verbs and sentence structure... and they put the wrong text in the lessons! The first lesson was about polite forms (the "-masu" forms), but all of the examples were in plain form, and the instructions mentioned that the proper particle to use with "wakaru" is "ga", but "wakaru" wasn't in the vocab list until the next lesson, which described plain forms and gave all the examples in polite form. I tell you, if I didn't already know all of this stuff, I'd have been incredibly confused. If anyone is actually trying to learn Japanese from this... boy, are you in for a painful experience with the verb tenses. Hopefully, later lessons will make it all clear. Also, the Word Search on Hard is REALLY hard! I usually manage most of the games on Hard, because it's the fastest way to earn points, but a few of them rely way too much on luck. I'm sticking with Multiple Choice, the similar Flash Cards, and now that I've unlocked it, Bridge Builder. If you can quickly translate entire sentences, that's the way to go.

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