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December 15th, 2008

I hate Mondays even more than usual

Today's Bridge: We were off to a decent start despite Ken not making a 4S that Mike said was doable. We followed that up with a 3D and a 2NT... but then I had a really weak hand with long diamonds (K-J-9-x-x-x-x), and the opponents were bidding up to a heart fit, so I jumped in with a pre-emptive 3D, and Ken jumped to 5D. His hand included A-Q-x-x of diamonds, but only an ace and a king of outside strength. We were lucky to manage off 3 doubled. After that, we needed a game, and I thought we might have a shot, but while the opponents bid spades and clubs, I bid 4D, hoping that Ken would correct to 4H or maybe 5D, but he left me there with two little diamonds and three middle hearts. Hearts would have been nice... not ten tricks worth of nice, but considerably more than we got. I could have used his hearts to ruff some losing diamonds without being any worse off at all than I was in diamonds. Well, he would have.

Today's Work: Everyone agrees on a particular design, which isn't what I favored but will work just fine. Then one person had to go and vote for my original preference. Now nobody knows what we're doing. The HSI team also took our request to help us place a few new buttons in one menu as an invitation to completely redesign the entire menu system wholesale. No skin off my back, really... it's just a list of numbers in the code, but they did it wrong, and their scheme honestly doesn't make much sense to me. I'll wait until someone else tells me to implement it before undoing the scheme they proposed LAST time to replace it with this mishmash.

Today's Gaming: In order to keep minikillz from bombarding me with messages all night, I played La Tale through Heroes... naturally, it didn't work, but it's been fun to get back into it after so long. There are new areas open, with new quests and new skills, which has allowed me to finally unlock the upgrade ability. Now, when I find equipment with abilities that I like, I can upgrade it rather than having to replace it. I also figured out how to to some clever things with timelines to make a storyboard for my game, but there's still not much story to it.

Since I got no sleep at all last night, I'll have to give it a better try tonight. I don't expect results, but it can't be any worse.

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