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December 13th, 2008

The most unusual dinner ever.

I didn't find any manga I wanted today, but I did get a copy of Beedle the Bard at Target, while buying Christmas cards and some other supplies.

Today's Anime: Karin 6, Claymore 2, and the first part of Negima!? Yes, Negima!?... the sequel to Negima!. The punctuation is vital. Punkshulation! is& fun?@*

I beat the third boss in Prince of Persia... some real annoyances, and yet more mysteriously absent Light Seeds, but I'll get them all someday.

And dinner: We decided to stop at Chili's after Target, because there were four police cars outside the mall entrance near Applebee's and we didn't want to get involved in whatever was going on. We sat in the bar area, as usual, and ordered fajitas. Then we waited. We waited a long time. We waited long enough that the manager came out to let us know that they were just cooking up the onions and our meals would be right out. She also offered to get Curt a drink refill. It was long enough after that when she finally came back to let us know they were on their way, and she still hadn't brought the refill. Oops. She kept offering us stuff like free chips and salsa, but Curt can't eat them and I didn't really want them. Finally, we got the food. They'd shorted one of us a tortilla - one was folded in half and looked like two from the outside. Curt gave me the extra because he didn't need it. I'd also ordered the Buffalo chicken fajita, which was supposed to come with ranch, but they'd brought the regular fajita sauce instead. The manager offered to get me some, then disappeared again. I didn't get ranch until our server came by to ask how the food was and I had to tell her that I didn't want to eat it without the ranch. Then I got two tubs. The food was pretty good, but the tortillas were a bit stale. Finally, the manager came by again to apologize once more and offer us dessert, but she thought we didn't want any because Curt was shaking his head, in reference to the tortillas being a bit stale. She suddenly offered to comp the entire meal, and while I didn't really want to accept, I couldn't think of a way to decline without sounding snobbish, and it HAD been a really, really long wait. I also DID want a dessert, and had been so set on asking to have just the dessert comped that my brain wasn't ready to process comping the meal entirely. We left a cash tip, which was unfortunately small because I only had two singles on me and didn't want to leave a full $5. And we didn't get dessert. The one time we ate out and I was hungry enough to order dessert, and I didn't. ;_;

Oh well. Time to find out what the deal is with "Babbity Rabbity and her Hopping Stump" or whatever the heck that was.

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