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December 12th, 2008

The annual meme a bit early

While reviewing some entries, I stumbled across one that's usually fun. Here's the first sentence I posted each month this year, with some editorial choices to skip stuff like birthday announcements that don't count:

January: "I got some Mucinex spray, which may or may not have helped, and a new visco-elastic pillow, which will hopefully help me sleep, if it has no effect on my sinuses."

February: "Enjoy the awesome." (A link to a Youtube video... I'll have to see what video it is later.)

March: "Curt and I went to Denny's for breakfast, but the parking lot was full (despite there never having been a comic strip by that name), so we just had Arby's instead."

April: "So here's the rundown of my work day. I got in a tiny bit earlier than usual, but after checking out a new copy of our code and loading it on my laptop to take to the other building, I was almost late." (An interesting entry all around, actually... I'd forgotten just how annoyed I was back then.)

May: "Today's Bridge: Marginal success... we failed to bid two hands that made grand slams, although we bid game in each."

June: "I command you to watch it." (Another Youtube video.)

July: "Today's Bridge: The cards weren't kind to our side." (I think I need to start getting away from starting entries with Bridge.)

August: "Today's Bridge: Today's catchphrase is 'It's like playing Othello against the computer on the hardest difficulty: You know there's no way to win, and you're just going through the motions even though the outcome is already decided.'" (The subject lines are more interesting... maybe I should use those instead.)

September: "I played a bit of Maximo today. Indeed, it is a 3-D version of Ghouls and Ghosts."

October: "When we last left the Gatorade machine of Doom, there were mis-dispensed bottles in the shelves and a Post-it note saying 'Out of order' over the money slots, but it still appeared otherwise to be in working order."

November: "Today's Manga: Not a sausage."

December: "Because I'm exceptionally bored, I'll just copy this one verbatim:

Leave me a comment and I will reply with why I like you." (Shame so few people took me up on that.)

And there you have it. My year in review. No wonder it sucked so much.


It's a three-way birthday tomorrow, starring gypsyjr, lady_agrias, and mrbubba. Wow... you guys who like to wait until the very end really stick together, don't you?

Today's Bridge: We had five people, surprisingly, and Ken drew the king right off the bat. It was a pretty interesting rubber, mainly due to the final hand. But who's really interested?Collapse )

Today's Work: I think I'm done with the change I was working on yesterday... I finished the initial implementation, anyway, but as always, there's lots of testing to do, and it will probably be pretty complicated. I might just ask for a peer review to make sure I didn't typo anything.

Today's Gaming: I didn't play anything, in favor of working on my own game again. I've added an interface for creating switches that cause effects like moving elevators and floors, and floors that crumble when a character stands on them. Pretty simple, really, although I want to upgrade the switches so they can perform more than one action each - being able to make more than one elevator move would be a plus, so I could do things like crushing ceilings or moving staircases.

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