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December 9th, 2008

Boring drudgery: about 50% complete

Today's Bridge: Mostly just more random battles, but I got tutorials in some stuff I've already figured out, and I'm pretty sure I missed some stuff I could have done on day 3. I'm heading back in that direction to see whether it's still available... but the game's pretty lame about giving you the opportunity to do it. Not as bad as searching under Kyle's bed before talking to him, but...

I played a bit more Prince of Persia, but spent a lot of time hunting for Light Seeds I could get without going into any new areas, just because. So now I've got all four powers and can collect every Light Seed after clearing the area it's in. Plus, they don't do anything but give me trophies for every hundred I collect after this point, so there's no rush. I can clear the remaining areas, then go back and run the full circuit to collect them all. I also finished off the second boss... which was incredibly, incredibly annoying. I didn't get much chance to do damage between sessions of button-matching for defense, and this boss has two different states where only one type of attack can hurt it. I know there's a third one, and this might actually be an element of increased challenge as the game progresses. That could be neat. But I suspect it's specific to the boss, not the order in which you fight them. I could figure that out later. I'm pretty sure I'll need to play through the game again, if for no other reason than I know I've been saved more than 100 times.

Also, I'm pretty sure my recording of last night's Terminator is just an hour of black... but I'm afraid to turn it on and find out. Cromartie High School instead. And I found out how jury duty works, at least from the federal perspective - I get a special charge code for my leave on those days, and I just have to present the paperwork to justify it along with a check to the Treasury for the amount I get paid, minus the mileage. Still the stupidest thing I've ever heard, but at least I know how it's going to work. And the form says I'll be notified by mail, but everyone else says I'll need to call in weekly. I guess I'll find out eventually. I'll mail in the form when I go to pick up Curt's package... today was a late day, but I'm hoping tomorrow will be earlier so I can do that after work.

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