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December 5th, 2008

Today's Bridge: We had five, and Mike drew out. Not a great day for my side... I think our best hand was a very weak one for me, where I tried to close out at 1NT and Dan jumped up to 3 with only A-x in our unbid suit. Fortunately, the opponents didn't bother to cash their clubs, so I managed to hold it to off one. Likewise, we had a 4-4 fit in spades and a 5-3 split in hearts in a hand that Dan raised to 4H, but both suits split 4-1... neither was very appealing, and even though our distribution wasn't particularly conducive to crossruffing, I needed those trump and couldn't use them. Our spades were wretched - A-K-x-x in one hand and x-x-x-x in the other, I think, giving us two losers and no way to get rid of them. Off two, which was again a miracle. The opponents had some decent hands, and their initial 2NT was off one probably due to some gross misplays... I'm pretty sure they had it in the bag.

Today's Work: "Thanks for finally sending us the format for commenting our files now that we have only one week left to do it. This format has a lot that makes no sense or might depend on implementation, and the amount of crosslinking required is somewhere in the hundreds of entries, but I'll say billions for hyperbolic effect. Are you really serious about this?"

Today's Taco Bell run was pretty annoying... it was bad enough having the place full of people waiting for their food when we got there, but we're used to long waits. Curt placed his order, then an employee clocked out and apparently placed an order, and then they finally took my order. When Curt's order was done, and he'd checked it to make sure it was correct (they were making a lot of mistakes), the next order came out, and it wasn't mine. Everyone thought it was, because I'd ordered after Curt. They asked me to go up to the counter and show them my receipt to prove that it wasn't my order. Seriously. As JIM THE BOSS would say, "EMPOYLEES NEDE TO KNOW HOW THEER BISUNESS WROKS. IFF ONE OF THEM PALCES AN ORDDER AND DOSENT PICK IT UP, THEY NEED TOB E FRIED. TEH CUTSMOERS ARE THE MSOST IMPOTRENT PEEPL AND IF YOU ACYUES THME OF BEEENG RONG, YOU MAEK THEM ANRGY AND LOSS THREI BUISNSES. NLESS TEH CSTOUMERS ARE RELALY LYING, IN WICH CAES, YOU HAEV TO BE TATCILE AND SAY SOEMTHNIG LIEK ARE YOU SHURE ABOUT TAHT, MAYBE YOU MAED A MITSAKE." Or something like that... he usually gives advice relating directly to employees, but I haven't seen him say much about customers yet. I've only read a few months' worth, though, and it's hilarious. I particularly like the entries about the Jephtha game and Sharepoint. Also, "Windows Ubuntu". Ron Enderland is a genius.

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