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December 4th, 2008

Today's Bridge: I cashed in my free ace, but we had eight people anyway, so it was irrelevant. However, I screwed up the defense in a critical 4S hand that gave our opponents just enough to win the rubber, although I had a messy 4S sacrifice of my own later with seven spades, including the top six, and those were the only seven tricks I took. My favorite hand was funny from almost any angle. I had S A-K-x-x H J-8-x-x D A-x-x-x C 5, so I opened 1D. Ken doubled, Mike passed, and Kelly responded 1S, as would be expected. I believe I let that go, unwilling to jump in with 2H at this point, but Ken bid that for me. Mike put in 3D, indicating a hand too weak to respond the first time, but good enough for a diamond sacrifice. I want to say that it was passed around to Ken, who bid 3S, after which I bid 4D, and Kelly bid 4H, because I knew that both of my opponents were long in spades and hearts. I didn't double, mainly to conceal my unusual hand, but after Mike had led to my ace of diamonds, I'd run the top two spades and a third for the ruff with Mike's singleton heart, and Ken had been forced to lead up to the board's ace of clubs as an entry to try to finesse out my trump jack, giving me another ruff, I regretted it. They weren't going to have any more luck in spades, but I wouldn't have been able to set up a ruff for Mike before Ken could pull his trump, so I think they'd only have been off one doubled rather than off two undoubled. No difference there.

We finally got to use the necessary equipment to test the fix I've been wanting to see in action ever since I started working on it, and from what we can tell, it works perfectly. That's a big plus, because we've been asked to give a presentation on its status on Wednesday, and I still think it'll sound really cool to point out that once again, we're ahead of the curve and it's everyone else on the project that's holding us up. I love rubbing their noses in it, especially since we had to do so much work to convince them that it wouldn't be ready for the PREVIOUS build... what was everyone doing in the time they thought it was such an easy task? You wanted it done in three weeks? It's done! You've had a lot more than three weeks this time... QUIT SLACKING!

Not much accomplished at home yet tonight, but I've got a bit of time for some games, if I can decide what to play. I've been reading really old posts again and remembering some of the fun I had with games like Skies of Arcadia Legends, Legend of Dragoon, and the Dark Cloud games, which I definitely don't have time for anymore.

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