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December 2nd, 2008

A day full of lessons

Apparently, it's good practice for businesses to give incorrect information to make sure customers keep checking their webpages or calling them. The sad part is that, from all I've read, the world at large wants me to get out more often and stop spending time at home on the computer. So I go outside, and what happens? "Oh, you can't trust what you read out in the real world. You're supposed to get all your information online!" Right. This is exactly how the world encourages me to be more social and less of a computer potato. Besides, just think of how many of those cases of bad service could have been avoided if people had just called their credit card companies to make sure they weren't planning to defraud them before making transactions, or to make sure that the waiters were in a good mood before going to the restaurant, or checked a website to make sure there are no murderers lurking in nearby alleys before going to the movie theater. I say that if I've been handed something that gave me the wrong information, with no indication PRINTED ON THAT THING to tell me where the CORRECT information is, that's deceptive.

So the group that's taking away our equipment to support another project now wants us to help them do some work on that equipment for their project. They're giving us a charge number to use for that work, but it isn't bringing us any closer to our goals.

I really give up. This week isn't improving with age, and it'll be approaching last week proportions soon. Good thing I have my new Prince of Persia game to cheer me - oh, wait. That would NOT suck. Silly me.

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