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November 27th, 2008

That's a lot of zombies!

Today's Bridge: We actually had five people, and I actually got to play. Things went pretty well for us despite Dan throwing away the setting trick (Ken had ruffed to the board with his last diamond, and the remaining card was the seven of hearts. Dan threw the jack of hearts and kept the queen of spades), and we had some very interesting, tragically underbid hands. My favorite was when Dan opened 1C and I had S K-Q-J-10-x H K D K-J-10-9-x-x C K... the singleton kings are weak, so I responded 1S, he bid the predictable 1NT, and I raised to 2D. He went back to 2NT, but I went to 3D, and he left it there. Perhaps I should have bid 4D to force the issue, but with his S 9-x H A-J-10-x D Q-x-x C A-Q-x-x (I think), we had 5D in the bag despite a 4-0 diamond split. If indeed Dan's hearts and clubs were 4-4 as I believe and not 3-5, I prefer a 2H response to my 2D - I'll still go 3D, and I think he should raise to 4D as an invitation, given that much power and my advertised coverage of his spades. Definitely 4D after 2NT, since I've twice bid diamonds over his notrump, so I have to have something. As it played, I sluffed both of Dan's aces because I didn't need them, except to make my kings good. I won the opening club lead with the king, led a low diamond and watched Ken sluff a club, and everyone but me thought that was a bad sign. I didn't care - I ran a spade to my king, pulling Paul's ace, won his heart return with my king, led the king of diamonds to pull his ace, won the club return with the queen, then led the board's last diamond to my hand to run my trump (tossing the aces just because I could) and cash the good spades, making 5. There was a 3NT contract where I was amazed I was only off one... I was playing to hold it to off two or three, and Ken threw his eight of hearts to Paul's void and the board's singleton 9 while I ducked, hoping to keep my ace high until the end.

Today's Work: I think I fixed one of our sporadic, difficult-to-recreate problems. Unfortunately, we've only ever seen it on actual equipment, and we have none. Eliminating the thing that I'm 97% sure was causing the problem should fix it, but who's going to take our word for it?

Today's Games: Curt and I had Best Buy coupons that arrived yesterday and expired today, so we went over to use them. I bought the PC version of Left 4 Dead and the PS3 version of Tomb Raider: Underworld. I haven't really played either yet, but I watched the opening movie of Left 4 Dead. Despite what sakanagai says, I plan to play at least one single-player campaign before trying to keep up with other people. I suck at multiplayer games.

Happy Thanksgave, everyone.

As usual, we went to Sullivan for Thanksgiving dinner and joined the sister-in-law's family for an afternoon of eating, some games, and general hanging out. I got to play some Euchre, and even started the morning with a bit of Tomb Raider: Underworld. It's not always intuitive what I need to do, but so far, it's pretty standard Tomb Raider stuff. That's really about it for today. Tomorrow, hopefully plenty of gaming. Maybe some Rozen Maiden.

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