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November 18th, 2008


They cleared the blockage and plugged the Gatorade machine back in. They didn't restock the drinks or remove the ones with use-by dates in July or anything. Someone actually came in while I was there and took the gamble, buying one of the Gatorade bottles that was dated Feb 09. It took the machine two tries, but it managed to dispense the bottle at last. It just keeps going on............


This can't be a good sign.

Today's Bridge: I had the luck with the cards. We only had one biddable hand, but the opponents bid three spade contracts, and I had four spades in each one. Paul missed the first one by a trick because after he'd left me with the two high spades, he sacrificed the last trump from the board to pull one of them, losing a diamond trick that he could have ruffed. Kelly had similar misfortune in the final hand, but I think it was technically makeable. She would have needed to set up her hearts and depend on my hand's complete lack of exit cards - I had the A-K of diamonds and the queen on top of the board's A-J of clubs, with the king having fallen on the first trick, as well as the A-J-5 of hearts over the board's K-10-x-x, and she had the queen. She had a tenace of trump over mine, but pulling it would leave her in notrump. I don't know how it would have played out had she done so and then attacked hearts for entries. I certainly wouldn't cash my diamonds in that case until we had the setting tricks.

Today's Work: I got rejected for my class because I turned out not to have the prerequisites. I've already taken CLM 003, but I needed CLE 003. Absolutely brilliant naming scheme, isn't it? So I signed up, only to get the notice that it'll take 48-72 hours to get through the system. And no, no wasted effort - I still need CLM 003, just not yet. At least I made an early day of it, and we had a meeting to discuss sane plans for the second release of the project. Shocking!

Today's Gaming: More Phantasmagoria 2 while waiting for the new Nostalgia Critic video to load... many times. I finally had to go straight to blip.tv to get it. The joy underwhelms.

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