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November 6th, 2008

Because I'm going to get a king tomorrow if there's one to be drawn (although Ken mentioned that he might trade me if he gets an ace, preferring to save his until Monday), I'll be on local travel Monday, and Tuesday will be a holiday, leaving me another king on Wednesday. Yes, I'm pre-emptively stacking the odds against myself, but I ALWAYS draw the one king out of the five cards. It's loaded against me in some way I can't understand.

Today's Bridge: We started with our only really good hand: Paul opened 1H as my partner, and with S A-K-x-x-x H J-x-x-x-x D Q-x C 7, I jumped right to 4H. Mike was surprised, but I stand by my decision - if there's a slam to be bid, he'll find it. There wasn't. I also had a 2D opener with decent power and four spades to the Q-J, so when Paul responded 2S, I bid 3S. He left it there, which was surprising, but we were missing three aces and a king, so it was exactly the contract we needed. He nearly blew it, though... Ken led a diamond to Mike's ace, Mike returned a diamond, and with diamonds to the K-Q on the board, Paul ruffed low. Fortunately, Ken had the jack, and it happened that Mike had the only spade that could beat Paul's 4 (he was missing 7-3-2 only), but had he led a singleton diamond and been holding the 7, that would have been the setting trick. Ruffing with the 8 guarantees us our contract. Other than that, the opponents cleaned up.

Today's Work: The software task that nobody wanted to touch because it's too hard appears to be done from my end. I tested it a bit, and while I haven't covered all the cases (and can't really do that from my desk), I like what I've seen. We'd just need to make some graphics changes to accommodate the new functions, and that would require some more processing to make the new buttons update with the corresponding statuses... but that can't be too hard. We already do it the same way for one other bit of information, and that's pretty complicated.

Today's Writing: In honor of NaNoWriMo and my continued non-participation, I want to do more writing this month. However, I'm starting by publishing a story that I've been sitting on for a while, searching for an ending. I decided to stick with what I've got, because it feels right if I don't think about it too much. Fans of the Excel Saga manga particularly should enjoy Quack Death Fanfic Excel Note. Those who have only seen the anime... it probably won't make much sense. However, this is the way the story needed to be told, as it was inspired by its own first line, which will make absolutely everything clear. Except why there's a new character, why Excel is so different, how Il Palazzo became CEO of a huge company, why Iwata is a cyborg, and the rest of the story in general. I'm going to take that risk.

And there may be time for a bit of gaming before bed. I'm going to take that risk.

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