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October 31st, 2008

We got to the Curry building a little bit before the polls actually opened, so the line wasn't too bad. We were back at the car in about an hour. Unfortunately, the service for my car was slightly more extensive than I thought, so I had to make an appointment for Monday. Should have made the appointment earlier this week, but I didn't know for sure that I'd be taking the day off. I should have planned on it anyway... both of my packages arrived today. The 360 seems to be working better than ever - it doesn't run as hot as it did before the repair, and the ring of light doesn't flicker the way it used to - it used to get confused as to whether it was on its base or on its side, and the indicator showing which controller was connected kept changing places to match. It might start doing that again if I use the system more, or if I play longer, or maybe I just didn't notice because I was paying attention to the game, but so far, so good. I got to play some Infinite Undiscovery at last, and I think I'm almost past the parts where the fights are stupid. It got off to a pretty lame start, but most games of this type do that, and I'm not foolish enough to think it'll last long. Eventually, I'll be doing more than running away from everything or letting my party of Ghaleons do all the fighting. It seems like a neat system, but the Connect abilities take forever to use. I couldn't effectively shoot any of the exploding barrels because by the time the character got into position and let me start using the ability, the enemies had laready caught up and knocked us down.

The anime and manga also arrived on the same truck. Sadly, the Strawberry Panic 4 disc was loose in the packaging and got pretty scratched up, but I'm not too concerned yet. In much better condition were Karin DVD 5, Di Gi Charat Nyo 8, XXX-Holic 5, Rozen Maiden Traumend 1, the Negima Spring and Summer Specials, Grenadier book 7 (the last one), Getbackers: Infinity Fortress 1, iD_eNTITY 12, Law of Ueki 14, O-Parts Hunter 12, Lights Out 9 (also the last one), Futari H 3, Little Queen 7, Puri Puri 6, Hellsing 9, Boys Be 17, Nodame Cantabile 14, all three books of Heroes Are Extinct (of no relation I can imagine to the Wii game No More Heroes), and the first three books of Legend. I also got the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack, although it appears that Shadow of the Colossus is merely a subtitle. I'll have to try to translate the title... it's "Wanda to Kyozou", which seems to mean "wander/wonder and giant images". Not sure whether that's incredibly appropriate or just really strange.

Curt's gone to South Bend for tomorrow, so I'm on my own. I'm getting by, working on my story reduction of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I'm almost at the end, but like Lord of the Rings, that still leaves plenty to go. And I'm sure I've mixed up some events and left out some details that really should be in the reduction... on one hand, that's the purpose of the reduction, but on the other hand, there's probably potential for good jokes there. And on the third hand, I care about as far as I can throw a copy of the book with my third hand. I'd post some excerpts here, but pretty much everything in the reduction is a major spoiler (it's the nature of the book itself, really), and if I post all the best parts it advance, there'll be nothing left when I post the full thing.

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