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October 27th, 2008

I wanted the sorry tale of the Gatorade machine to be over. I really did. But I got back today to find a sticky note on the machine requesting a refund of $1.25. I'm pretty sure it wasn't there before I left. So this idiot must have put FIVE quarters into a machine that wasn't even plugged in, never noticing the bottles wedged in the mechanism or the deluminated display. And they want their money back. Sorry, Martinez... we call that the "stupid tax". Feel free to contribute more to the fund, though.

The great sociology experiment continues continuing to continue...


The pants lawyer is back. No kidding. He honestly seems to think he can get $54 million from a dry cleaning business that closed a year ago because he sued them and lost.

Quick, someone find a felony to charge him with, like gross miscarriage of justice... one less McCain voter on the books.


Back for more

Happy birthday to jeffholton. Something non-political worth celebrating!

Today's Bridge: I drew a king, of course, but we managed to scrounge up eight people. New Dan was at my table, and aside from passing twice with a 17-point hand, he did pretty well. I got to declare a pretty easy 3NT (I'd opened 2NT, and Ken had 6 points to offer me, plus really long hearts that I ended up throwing away and very nice clubs) and a nerve-wracking 3H, where Ken admitted to some sweating because I lost the first four tricks straight up. That's rather expected.

Today's Work: Pretty boring. Lots of old E-mail to go through.

Today's TV: I watched most of the episode of How I Met Your Mother. I can definitely see the appeal.

Today's E-business: I placed my Anime Castle order. Surprisingly, still in "pre-order" status for the new Jojo book, but I got a lot of other great stuff, including the next book of Law of Ueki. I finally get to find out Mori's secret! And I'm getting the Shadow of the Colossus soundtrack. I'll list the rest when it arrives.

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